Sauvage affiche

A film by Jean-François Amiguet

Narrative Feature Film / 80 min / 2010

The story of a relationship between the young, rebellious city girl Adriana and the old misanthrope Bernard, set in a remote, untouched valley of the Mercantour.

In the beginning, the film is shot in the style of a thriller, but then gradually it transforms into a journey of initiation. The two overcome their hatred, and we are then submerged into a symbolic snowy countryside dominated by a white she-wolf.

In this solitude they both find a form of salvation. With Adriana this comes about through her artistic work.

Cast :
Jean-Luc Bideau – Clémentine Beaugrand – Jean-Pierre Gos – Jean-Luc Borgeat – Gérald Métroz – Pierre Maulini

Director Jean-François Amiguet  /  Screenplay Jean-François Amiguet, Thieri Briet, Sandrine Bourguignon, Maria Cordoba Adaptation and dialogues Michel Fessler / Produced by Isabelle Mathy /1st assistant director Nadejda Magnenat / Script girl Marie Chaduc / Photography Piotr Stadncicki, Anne-Katia Vincent, Camille Cottagnoud / Sound Laurent Barbey, Vincent Kappeler / Costumes Isa Boucharlat / Make-up artist Wally Diawara / Production design Bruno Margery, Marie Delfau / Drawings, fresco Françoise Moret Thiébaud / Technical managing Jérôme Ivars, Yves Herren / Set photographer Alain Julliard / Editors Susana Rossberg, Valérie Loiseleux / Mix Francesco Piscopo / Color Grading Jürgen Kupka / Original Soundtrack Knut, Mohamed Marwane, Anna Aaron / Executive Producers Claude Barnault, Stéphane Basset

Production : With the support of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and Alpes Maritimes region Funds, in partnership with CNC.

Co-production  PCT Cinéma et télévision (Pierre-André Thiébaud), Tarantula Belgique (Joseph Rouschop), Zagora (Bertrand Liechti), Monkey Bay Productions (Fabien Chermette)