O que vai ao lume?

O que vai ao lume


A film by Stefan Libiot

Narrative feature film / 82 min / 2014

In a fishermen village in Portugal, Stefan Libiot invents a character named Pedro. Pedro was his lover and might have thrown himself off a cliff. Stefan questions the villagers, looking for answers. Everyone tells his own story about the life of the missing man.

A film directed by Stefan Libiot / Produced by Gaëlle Jones

Cast :

Stefan Libiot The man with the camera / Rui Neto The man from the house / Pedro Cabral The man from the house’s friend / Luis Costa The man in black in white and the red house / Antonio Pedro Ribeiro The drawer in the ruins / Alina Maria Sousa  The prison memories’s woman / Fernanda Lopes  The street corner’s woman / Mario Rui Malheiros The man in the horse’s wasteland / Fernando Tino Barradas Franco The fado’s bar singer / Douce Mirabaud   Pedro’s daughter in Argentina / Jean-Pierre Journet The skype friend from Sainte Geneviève des bois / Christian Dubuis Santini  The skype friend from Paris / Fernando Gaspar The man from the night

Scenario photography editing Stefan Libiot / Music Dimitri Tchesnokov / Sound editing mix  Yves Capus / Credits music   Madredeus

Entrevues de Belfort (France, November 2014), Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (Argentina, April 2015)