God wills it

A film by Jacques Martin and Nathalie Fritz

Documentary / 52 min / 2011

Who was really Godefroid de Bouillon? Investigation on an European founding myth and a key figure in the christian western imagination. A greedy feudal vulgar person, valiant knight defender of Christianity, king of Jerusalem… The investigation strips the myth, rehabilitates history and clarifies its ongoing stakes, throughout a road-movie between Boulogne and Jerusalem. Crusade, Jihad: two sides of the sword… and two ways to build the History.

A film written and directed by Nathalie Fritz and Jacques Martin /  Camera Jeremy Forni, Jacques Martin, Olivier Pulinckx, Anja Raimond, David Zarif /  Sound Damien Defays, Jean-Jacques Quinet, Gili Friedman /  Assistant Talia Salomon /  Editing Nathalie Fritz & Jacques Martin /  Sound Editing Isabelle Soumeryn-Schmit

Production : Perspective Films – ARTE – with the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’image animée

Co-production : Iota Production, Crossroads Digital Media