A beginning

Affiche Un début

A film by Raphaël Santarelli

Narrative short film / 14 min / 2013

Courts Devant,  Paris
Premier Plans Angers
Festimages.be (Belgique)
Festival International du film d’Aubagne
Festival Jean Carmet (Moulins-sur-Alliers, France)
Festival Courts en Champagne (Aÿ, France) – Catégorie Jury Jeune
Festival du 1er court-métrage de Pontault-Combault (France)

Bruno and Marine just started their relationship when she has an accident. She ends up between life and death. Unknown from her family, he can’t find a way to stay by her side. At work, with his friends, his behaviour is not the same. Something’s growing in him, something’s changing.

Cast :
Charif Ounnoughene – Bruno / Camille de Leu – Marine

Director Raphaël Santarelli / Screenplay Joseph Lantigny / Editing Yann Leonarduzzi / Camera Wesley  Mrozinski / Set Designer Valérie  Elder-Fontaine / Sound Thomas Grimm-Landsberg / Original Sound-track RONE

Production : Perspective Films (Delphine Schmit) in coproduction with Need Productions