Wandering people

Affiche petit peuple

A film by Catherine Vallon

Fiction / Contemporary / 59 min / 2018

This film relates the journey of a troupe of actors coping with the strangeness of an insubordinate world. They are a small people in exile, with no land but the land they create for themselves. The film is the metaphor of the theatre experience that we have lived all together with my companions of adventure, at the La Borde clinic in France.

A film written and directed by Catherine Vallon / Produced by Gaëlle Jones – Perspective Films

With the actors/patients of the La Borde clinic’s troupe:

Noëlle D., Claire C., Nicolas G., Antoine P., Claire M., Claude R., Olivier T., Monique M., Robin L., Dominique R., Gérald B., Denise A., Solène L., François H.

Image Guillaume Bureau / Sound Fabrice Naud / Editing Juliette Penant / Sound editing Florent Klockenbring / Music Philippe Allée

– Festival Divers d’hiver, France.
– 19èmes Rencontres Vidéo en Santé Mentale, France.
– Semaine de la folie ordinaire, France.
– Festival Itinéraires singuliers, France.