Sweety Valentin

affiche Sweety Valentin

A film by Guillaume Bureau

Narrative Short Film / 25 min / 2015

Since the failure of his marriage, Félix has been working for Suzy, a famous actress. Suzy has been living cloistered in her castle since she has put an end to her career. While trying to convince her to get back on stage, Félix makes an encounter that will drastically change his life.

Cast :
Ghislain de Fonclare  –  Tanya Lopert  –  Julien Dupuy

A film written and directed by Guillaume Bureau  /  Produced by Delphine Schmit  /  Camera Julia Mingo  /  Sound Yolande Decarsin – Yuki Usami  /  Assistant Director Marjolaine Grandjean  /  Script Leila Geissler  /  Set designer Magali Rocher « Magoo », Yannick Moine  /  Costumes Fanny Marteau  /  Video Editing Raphaël Lefèvre  / Sound Editing Damien Boitel  /  Sound Mix Xavier Thieulin  /  Production Manager Sébastien Lépinay

Production : With the support of the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’image animée (Financial Contribution), Région Limousin Film Fund with the centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée