She’s not crying, she’s singing


A film by Philippe De Pierpont

Narrative film / 90 min / 2012
Theatrical Realease 17th october 2012

Compétition officielle Festivals des films du monde Montreal 2011
Focus Festival du film francophone de Namur
Meilleur espoir féminin 2012 Les Magritte du cinéma

With her father in a coma, Laura eventually dares to settle the score with the one who ruined her childhood. She is set for this ordeal that will cause painful reunion with her family and her past. She will get through it and will make up with herself and her life.

Cast :
Erika Sainte – Laurent Capelluto – Marijke Pinoy – Jules Werner – Jean-François Wolff

First assistant Isabelle Rey / Production Manager Olivier Abrassart / Director of Photography  Alain Marcoen / Editor Philippe Boucq / Sound Arnaud Calvar / Casting Director Michaël Bier

Production :
Perspective Films (Isabelle Mathy)  and Iota Production (Isabelle Truc), with the support of Picardie and Aisne Regional Funds, in co-production with Tarantula (Luxembourg) and Serendipity Films (Belgium).