Michaël Dacheux

Michaël Dacheux directed his first film in 2008, Commune Presence, set between Paris, the Landes and the Larzac. The film was in competition at the FID Marseille.

In 2009, Here and There (Sur le départ), co-written with Christophe Pellet, won the screenplay competition in Brive festival. Then it was shot in his hometown, Mont-de-Marsan, where it chronicles the farewells and reunions of two young musicians during twelve years. It has won the Jury Prize at the Paris LGBT festival and was screened in various festivals in Nice, Brussels, Torino, Brive.

Michaël Dacheux conducts film workshops at the French Cinémathèque, the Centre Region, Paris Diderot University. Also, he has been part of Vertigo magazine editorial board, and he has contributed to Gaël Lépingle’s films.

Filmography (selection) :

L’AMOUR DEBOUT Fiction – 83′ – 2018 – Perspective Films – Prix Films en cours – Entrevues Belfort 2017
Festivals 2018 : ACID Cannes, In&Out Nice, Queer Lisboa, Ciné32 Indépendance(s) et Création Auch, Film Fest Gent (Flandre), Mostra São Paulo, Pink Screens (Brussels Queer Film Festival), Entrevues Belfort, Torino Film Festival

HERE AND THERE (SUR LE DÉPART), Fiction – 54′ – 2011 – bathysphere productions – co-written with Christophe Pellet – Cast : Adrien Dantou, César Domboy, Élise Lhomeau – Best Scenario at the Rencontres de Brive festival in 2009. Jury’s Prize at Paris LGBT festival 2011.
CNC, Aquitaine Region, Landes, Procirep&Angoa, SpedidaM, Distribution Allemagne Pro Fun Media / VIDEO : L’Harmattan Video / FESTIVALS 2011-2012 : In&Out Nice, Chéries-Chéris LGBT Festival in Paris, Tels Quels Bruxelles, Torino Gay&Lesbian Film Festival, Compétition européenne Rencontres du Moyen Métrage de Brive

COMMUNE PRÉSENCE, Documentary essay – 43′ – 2008 – bathysphere productions – With the voice of René Vautier
Aquitaine, Landes / VIDEO : L’Harmattan Video / FESTIVALS 2008 : In competition at FID Marseille