L’Exil et le Royaume

A film by Jonathan Le Fourn and Andreï Schtakleff
127 minutes / Documentary / 2008

At the foothills of the empire, people fish, cruise and pass time. Cigarette after cigarette, the world’s problems get sorted, smoking embers are stirred into flame. Across the way, the weather is beautiful and a lost paradise can be seen. Is it a mirage? People wend their way through the streets, calling out so as not to be alone when they’re afraid. They invite all and everyone into their tiny apartments so as to have people around them. People collaborate, botch jobs; that fills in two hours. Walking, talking, quickly, there’s not time to lose. People pick themselves up, fall down again. It’s lovely the way things fail. In haste, people try to be together. A former railroader who plunges into history, a teacher who spends the night looking for the police, an Afghan who hides, two quantum jobless men, a host with a moustache and his Eritrean wives… All these people cross paths, come into contact, avoid each other and their trajectories create a space where everyday life is constantly reinvented in a world that never stops collapsing. It is time to learn to be unreasonable: the whole world is passing through Calais.

Direction Jonathan Le Fourn & Andreï Schtakleff / Producers Gaëlle Jones & Marie-Odile Gazin / Editing Alexandra Mélot / Sound editing Josefina Rodriguez / Mix Emmanuel Croset / Color grading Isabelle Laclau

Production Château-Rouge Production
In coproduction with Red Star Cinéma
With the support of Périphérie, Fonds d’aide Amiens, Procirep et Angoa, Centre National de la Cinématographie, SCAM / Brouillon d’un rêve, Région Ile de France

Festivals :
World Premiere 2008 – 65e Mostra de VENISE Orrizonti, Rencontres documentaires ARCUEIL, Entrevues BELFORT, Ficco MEXICO, Crossing Europe LINZ, Cinéma du Réel PARIS, Indie Lisboa LISBONNE, Rencontres du cinéma documentaire MONTREUIL, Nuit d’Amnesty TRAPPES, Les Inattendus, Cinéma du réel
Prix du jury ARCUEIL 2008
Edited by L’Harmattan tv (released Nov.09)