La nage

A film by Marie Poitevin
30 minutes / Fiction  / 2022

In a public swimming pool, a woman, Anne, swims. She is the first one arrived among the swimmers. She goes back to the water as an act of healing. Other women soon join her, each one carriying her age, her story or rebellion. Fatoumata, an employee, discreetly gives African migrants a moment of rest by allowing them to take a shower. The swimming pool, for a while, becomes a place to recover, without border.

Cast Mireille Perrier, Maïmouna Gueye, Florie Guerrero Abras, Catherine Giron, Céline Lefevre et Aliénor De Mezamat

Direction Marie Poitevin / Assistants director Julie Choinacki, Mariz Pairiq / Image Hugues Geminiani  / Sound Geoffroy Garing / Editing Céline Kélépikis / Costumes Marine Gressier/ Make up Rista Dimovitch / Sound editing Philippe Deschamps / Producer manager Margot Pouppeville / Music Paul Salvagnac / Production Gaëlle Jones

Produced by Gaëlle Jones, Perspective Films
With the support of Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – En partenariat avec le CNC
and Procirep and Angoa