A film by Stanislav Dorochenkov
Documentary / 90 minutes / French, Russian, Zaoum /16/9 / 5.1 / 2021

Ilia, a young provocative Russian, follows in Iliazd’s footsteps, eccentric artist and figure of the Dadaist movement, from his death to his childhood, across Europe passing through Moscow, Istanbul, Berlin, Tiflis in Georgia, Marseille and Paris. On his way, he meets several women Nadira, Lilia, his female double, La Maigre, but also artists and writers who have populated the life of the poet: Ledentu, Pirosmani, Tempel and Monluc. Life and fiction intertwine. Ilia gets lost and finds himself through his readings, his encounters, his discoveries and ends up forgetting where he came from. This film chronicles a one-way trip possibly taken by Iliazd, Ilia, and all those who choose disquiet. Somewhere in Russia, years later, this odyssey becomes legendary in the hands of artist Ekaterina Gavrilova and lithographer Olga Dudina, who rediscover the gestures and printing techniques experienced by Iliazd.

Written and directed by Stanislav Dorochenkov

Image Daniil Fomichev, Nikita Pavlov, Lucia Gerhardt, Stanislav Dorochenkov / Sound Christian Gerber, Nicolas Gerber / Editing Maria Golub, Lucia Gerhardt, Stanislav Dorochenkov / Music Vasco Cesaretti, Arthur Moulton, Nicolas Gerber, Christian Gerber

Produced by Stanislav Dorochenkov (LYNCÆI) / Gaëlle Jones, Perspective Films (Paris) / Tikhon Pendurin, Cosmos Film (Moscou) / Objet Direct (Marseille) / Studio Feedback (Manneville-La-Pipard)