Ici c’est partout, voyez

A film by Céline Finidori
50 minutes / Fiction / 2007

Ernesto, age twelve, announces to his mother that he will not return to school. Because at school, they teach him things that he does not know. Whereas the enigma of this sentence resounds around him, Ernesto is plunged into the knowledge thanks to the discovery of the book the Ecclesiastes. For their part, a primary school teacher and a journalist lose their certainties in front of the radical and disarming sweetness of this child and his family.

Script Céline Finidori, Pascale Nandillon / Direction Céline Finidori / Actors direction Pascale Nandillon / Image Kamel Belaïd, Guillaume Bureau / Sound Jean-Paul Bernard, Frédéric Tétart

Production Gaëlle Jones, Red Star Cinéma