A film by Tünde Deak

Short Film / Fiction / 38 min / 2019

Anna, a woman of Polish origin, has built a life for herself in Paris. She returns to Warsaw, to attend her father’s funeral – a man she has lost touch with over the years. As she sorts through her dad’s belongings, she finds a pair of dice. Not knowing how to cope with the changes in her life, she decides to give herself up to chance : from now on, she will roll the dice each time she has a decision to make. She begins to drift through a city which has become alien to her, attempting to summon images from her past.

A film by Tünde Deak
With Katarzyna Krotki /
Assistant director Marion Desseigne Ravel / Image Julia Mingo / Sound Adam Mart / Editing Julie Picouleau / Sound editing Alexis Meynet / Mix Mikaël Barre / Colouring Julia Mingo / Music Wissam Hojeij / Produced by Delphine Schmit – Perspective Films