Seuls Les Pirates

A film by Gaël Lépingle

Feature Film / Fiction / 90 min / 2018 / in postproduction

Géro manages with great difficulty his small theatre while refusing to leave the house of wich city hall wants him evicted, because of a urban redevelopment project. But he doesn’t seem to care and rather court a city hall employee, Emilie, or simply steal from the construction sites. One day, he is visited by his nephew, who he has not seen since he was a child. His idealistic innoncence leads Géro towards good resolutions… An argument with Emilie changes everything. Géro shuts himself away, filled with resentment, Léo is trapped, Emily disappears, the winter season is disturbed by elections that create a climate of oppression. But life goes on, and each one will have to get back on track, with tenacity.

A film wirtten and directed by Gaël Lépingle / Produced by par Gaëlle Jones and  Nadejda Tilhou
With Ludovic Douare, Delphine Chuillot, Renan Prevot, Georges Gay / Image Vianney Lambert / Assistant to the director Géraldine Seguin / Sound Vincent Reignier / Editing Benoit Quinon / Sound editing Romain Ozanne / Mix Gilles Bénardeau

Coproduced by Perspective Films and Cent Soleils, the film is now in postproduction, thanks to the crowdfunding Ulule that allowed us to raise 11.000€ ! Thanks everyone for you help !