Peter Pan

A film by Natacha Samuel and Florent Klockenbring
Fiction feature film / 108 minutes / In postproduction

Djibril is in his early twenties, his pockets are empty, the woman he loves terminated her pregnancy, he has an overly devoted mother, a mixed-raced father who never left Africa to meet him, strong desires and abysses that haunt him. Without a warning, he puts an end to his romantic relationship, and flees to Marseille in order to meet again an old steeplejack friend and his son, to find a job in the world city, to dream of leaving to Africa on the footsteps of his own story and our history. Then starts his oblivious meandering, from tiled roofs to damaged asphalt roads, from activists’ bars to small venues that never close, opening himself to new encounters. He is forging new bonds, powerful from the start. Only love can save oneself, they all know that. But reality lies in ambush and isn’t more merciful to lost children than to free pirates – Ménouar, the poet-thief, knows it only too well, as he will risk his last breath.

Written and directed by Natacha Samuel et Florent Klockenbring

Produced by Gaëlle Jones – Perspective Films
In coproduction with Les Films Serendipity
with the support of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region.