Oublier Wilfried

Oublier Wilfried

A film by Guillaume Bureau

Fiction / 90 min / In development

After one year, three months and seventeen days, Charlotte has still not recovered from Wilfried breaking up with her three days before their wedding. To runaway from this memory of failure, she has moved to another city, found comfort in personal development methods and she works now as a hostess at the Cheapy hôtel. Altough she uses her natural wariness and dilligence to try and be a model employee, she can’t really manage to keep her feet on the ground.

Following a misunderstanding, she gets acquainted with a client of the hotel, Jonathan. Actor of talent, he ran away from the scene for mysterious reasons and is obliged to do in-store animation. Jonathan has as much dry wit as Charlotte takes everything at face value, and he is as much phlegmatic as Charlotte is inflexible. However they share a certain sensitiveness and a secret fear of getting hurt by love once again. Will they recognize and find each other in spite of the dissimilarities, the ghosts of the past, the lecherous watchmen, the louse costumes and the brazilian clients?

A film written and directed by Guillaume Bureau / Produced by Delphine Schmit – Perspective Films