Monument Valley

affiche Monument Valley

A film by Antoine Barraud and Didier d’Abreu

Fiction / 90 min / In development

Monument Valley is the lyrical and screwball adventure of two lovers running into each other endlessly, welded by a silent agreement of masquerades and character-play. One undoes his baptism, quits the family nest, leaving behind 25 years of his life, as the other, already a free spirit, leads him through a waltz of possibilities, of makeovers, of different settings and fantasies. In Brazil, in France or in the USA, inspired and nurtured by odd encounters along the way, they carry out their logic, the eternal metamorphosis of their own identities.

Written and directed by Antoine Barraud and Didier d’Abreu / Produced by Delphine Schmit – Perspective films and Valentina Novati – Norte Productions