A film by Jessé Miceli
83 minutes / Fiction / 2020 / 4K / 1.85:1 / 5.1

Phnom Penh nowadays. Three young people, three perspectives, three routes. Songsa, an introverted teenager, is sent to the capital by his family to sell clothes in a tuk-tuk. Phearum goes into debt to buy a taxi and confronts the unexpected. Thy dives into the nightlife and dreams of joining a biker crew. Three ways of living, three destinies, three looks.
Coalesce draws a portrait of a youth who faces a fast changing world.

Cast Sek Songsa, Eang Phearum, Rom Rithy, Vann Lek

Written and directed by Jessé Miceli
Cinematography Run Sokheng
Sound Chek Dara
Editing Clément Selitzki

Produced by Horoma Films (Cambodia)
Coproduced by Perspective Films (France)
With the participation of Kampuchea Tela Co, Ltd, PL Group International and KlapYaHandz

International Sales The Open Reel
Distribution France Local Films
Florence Alexandre (ANYWAYS)

ACID Cannes 2020
Busan International Film Festival