L’Amour Debout

A film by Michael Dacheux

Feature Film / Fiction  / 2018 / in postproduction


Martin, in a desperate hope, joins Léa in Paris. They both are twenty-five years old and lived together their first love story. But it is definitely over. Each one tries, somehow, to build their adult life and open themselves to others. The film follows their wandering, for a year, season after season.

With Paul Delbreil, Adèle Csech, Samuel Fasse, Jean-Christophe Marti, Thibaut Destouches, Shirley Mirande, Pascal Cervo, Françoise Lebrun

Written and directed by Michaël Dacheux / Image Frédéric Hauss / Sound Olivier Pelletier / Assistants to the director Isabelle Bourdon Camille Plagnet/ Costumes  Jeanne Delafosse / Editing Clément Pinteaux

Festivals :

  • Films en cours Award, at the Entrevues Belfort Festival – december 2017.