Jose Luis Guerin

Jose Luis Guerin has directed nine features and numerous shorts, the best-known of these being 2007’s widely acclaimed In the City of Sylvia. His films are often noted for a poetic quality in blurring the boundaries between documentary and fiction, making him one of Spain — and Europe’s — most respected auteurs. The Academy of Muses continues that streak, and the feat is heightened by the extent of his involvement in this film’s production.

Filmography :

2015 L’Accademia delle Muse (essay) 92 min

2015 Le Saphir de Saint Louis (doc) 35 min

2011 Recuerdos de una mañana (doc) 47 min

2011 Dos cartas a Ana (doc) 28 min

2011 Correspondance Jonas Mekas – JL Guerin (9 video letters) 

2010/2011 Guest (doc) 2h07

2007 Quelques photos dans la ville de Sylvia (doc essay) 1h07

2007 Dans la ville de Sylvia (fiction) 1h24

2007 En la ciudad de Lotte (short)

2006 Mujer esperando al tranvía (short) 

2006 Tren Estrasburgo: Paris (short) 

2001 En construccion (doc) 2h05

1997 Le spectre de Thuit (doc essay) 1h28

1990 Innisfree (doc) 1h50

1986 Souvenir (doc) 5min

1984 Los motivos de Berta (doc) 1h55