A film by Stanislav Dorochenkov
Documentary / 117 minutes / French, Russian, Zaoum /16/9 / 5.1 / 2020

A personal odyssey with Iliazd aka Ilia Zdanevich, the mystirous apatride artist of the 20th century creates ILIAZDE, a strange world between Russian futurist Zaum poetry and archaic French Barocco.  Two characters, Ilia and Lilian two protean bohemian in promiscuity of their identities. Are they lost in their lives, their relationship or they are just lost in the Iliazde movie? Avoiding any biopic formula and straight definition of fiction or documentary, this film creates something new.

Written and directed by Stanislav Dorochenkov

With Stanislav Dorochenkov, Jeanne Casilas, Natacha Muslera, Vava Dudu, Ekaterina Gavrilova, Olga Dudina

Image Daniil Fomichev, Nikita Pavlov, Lucia Gerhardt, Stanislav Dorochenkov / Sound Christian Gerber, Nicolas Gerber / Editing Maria Golub, Lucia Gerhardt, Stanislav Dorochenkov / Music Vasco Cesaretti, Arthur Moulton, Nicolas Gerber, Christian Gerber

Produced by Gaëlle Jones, Perspective Films (Paris), Tikhon Pendurin, Cosmos Film (Moscou)