Grande Europa

A film by Vincent Gérard

Fiction / 18min / In post-production

In the city of Rome, a philosopher reviews Berlusconi’s thirty years of power (s) and their consequences on Italy. The result is the social, political, economic and intellectual destabilization of the country and its fragile position on the European scene today, but also a questioning on “how devitalized intellectuals and citizens can reclaim the Italian public space, and the European project “.

While a protest against the embezzlement of money from the city allocated to Roman crèches takes place, three tired prostitutes listen to a TV report about the arrival of refugees on Italian soil. The opinions are divided, and, upset, they go back to work. The youngest – The dumb, a French woman, cries.

Outside in the middle of the castrum, a fascist demonstration takes place, like a cultural parade.

In the evening, two French tourists embark the three women at the edge of the Tiber. The night spent partying with their customers, they reappear early in the morning in the empty city deprived of their money and property. While the Grande expresses her anger, Dorothy the leader of the group is crossed by a vision and takes her companions in the middle of a roundabout, where she will say an ultimate poem under the burning sun reaching its zenith …


With Federico Nicolao, le philosophe (dans son propre rôle), Laure-Lucile Simon, Clara Choveaux, Fanny Pratt, Patrice Rollet, Jules Cruveiller

Script, directing, cinematography, editing Vincent Gérard

Sound editing Julien Roig / Colorist, image postproduction Cédric Laty / Credits Maxime Bersweiler / Mix Fred Bielle / Production Gaëlle Jones