Carnival Pilgrims

A film by Mika Mattila

Documentary / 90 min / In developement

Carnival Pilgrims is a poetic, visual essay reflecting on the ritual of global tourism. Through series of thematically and aesthetically linked short scenes, the film presents a vision of the entire planet functioning as a thematic amusement park, filled with endless “fun rides” for the restless crowds. Film will take the audience through a cavalcade of simultaneous journeys across the globe. Film starts in a modern City, with the people’s dreams about the far-away-places. After performing a series of touristic pilgrimages that climax in a global carnival, the film will finish back at home. Home is however now seen from a rather different perspective. In the place of the pressured City of early modernity, we see now the globalised, carnivalesque Cosmopolis, where the every day experience has become essentially “touristic” . Behind the seeming superficiality, tourism is seen acting as a central, defining force of modernity and a prevalent attitude of contemporary lifestyle. In Carnival Pilgrims the tourist is presented as the ultimate metaphoric figure of the contemporary world, an embodiment of the dreams and desires of our age.

Produced by Delphine Schmit – Perspective films (France) and Géraldine Sprimont – Need Productions (Belgium).